FundCount is a unified accounting and investment analysis solution that improves operational efficiency and brings actionable intelligence to investment management professionals. Based on a general ledger, they started in the hedge fund space but today provide fund- and partnership accounting to a wide range of asset- and wealth professionals with offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

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What sets FundCount apart?

"We provide wealth and asset management firms with cutting-edge accounting, analysis and reporting solutions that enable them to deliver better service to their clients."
Ashley Whittaker


Get an overview of what this software does.

Main tasks

  • Accounting
  • Consolidated reporting
  • CRM
  • Portfolio management
  • Data aggregation

Top features

  • Partnership accounting
  • Portfolio accounting
  • Unified general ledger
  • Consolidated reporting
  • Investor portal
  • Data aggregation

Assets supported

  • Bankable assets
  • Private equity
  • Real estate
  • Rare collectibles (e.g. luxury cars, boats, high-value jewelry)


  • No

Type Of Software

  • SAAS
  • Fully standalone


  • Attestation that a formal QA and security review is done on the FundCount software
  • Proof of internal vulnerability scan of the application
  • Proof of source code security testing/scans


  • Java


  • FundCount Connect is a technology enables the collection of data from disparate data sources (custodians, alternative fund administrators, proprietary data warehouses, market data providers, and other systems) with a powerful Extract-Transform-Load tool.
  • FundCount AppUniverse is a library of best-of-breed applications and services that seamlessly integrate with FundCount. The AppUniverse includes Zapier, one of the largest integration hubs, expanding FundCount integration capabilities to over 2,000 applications and systems.
  • FundCount Custom Control is a module that lets you create powerful Excel workbooks to handle unusual fee calculations, custom allocation models, waterfalls, reports, and other custom functions or processes that software can’t reproduce.

Mobile App

  • No

Type of data

  • Transaction level


  • Automated custodian/broker account reconciliation
  • Automated journal entry direct from market data systems & custodian data
  • Automatic account/transaction/position reconciliation


  • 80+ external data providers

Time to new custodian

  • Few days to analyze, build, test and deploy


  • Users can set multiple base currencies
  • Users can separate holding level gain/loss from currency gain/loss
  • Based on holding/position data
  • Based on transaction data

Cost structure

  • AUM based
  • Seat based (per named user)
  • Custodian use based (per connected custodian)
  • Feature based

Average cost p.a.

  • FundCount Sandbox
  • Trial period for experienced investment systems users.
  • Price: $499 monthly
  • FundCount Pro
  • Pro is best suited to medium-sized and growing firms that want to make accounting, portfolio management and investment reporting quick and easy.
  • Ideal for small and growing family offices, fund administrators, hedge funds and other asset managers.
  • Supports any asset class.
  • Delivers more robust and enhanced reporting.
  • Up to $500M AUM/AUA
  • FundCount Enterprise
  • Enterprise is for large investment firms that want to benefit from greater automation and the ability to deal with complex investment structures.
  • Ideal for large and/or complex family offices, fund administrators, hedge funds and other asset managers
  • Supports any ownership structure.
  • Supports global operations with full multi-currency/book capabilities.
  • From $500M AUM/AUA

Key Company Info

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  • 50-100


  • 1999


  • Owned by management


  • United States of America


  • Boston
  • London
  • Singapore
  • Sydney
  • Zurich

Top markets

  • Australia
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States of America


  • Multi-family offices

Serves also

  • Individual wealth owners
  • Single-family offices
  • Fund managers


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What clients say about FundCount?

“We can drill down through complex structures and nested entities to see actual net worth – something that was not possible with spreadsheets.”
David Bloom, , Senior Wealth Advisor at TFO Phoenix Company

Support & Services

Learn what support and services you can expect

Support options

General contact mail or phone
Dedicated contact

Pricing of support

On use basis
Based on SLA


A business analysis phase can be expected to take between 4 and 12 weeks ordinarily, depending on scale, complexity, and the availability of client resources.
The Build Configure & Test phase, the implementation, is determined in the Business Analysis Phase.
Usually, it takes less than 10 weeks for small firms, up to 6 months for medium firms, and more for large groups (50+ entities).



Bespoke development

Should a client need specific functionality that is not covered with standard solutions capabilities or integrations, we can customize the solution accordingly.

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FAQs about FundCount

What is FundCount?
FundCount provides third-party, accounting and investment management software solutions.
What does FundCount do?
FundCount offers back-office accounting and investment analysis software. This software integrates portfolio, partnership and general ledger accounting services onto a single platform, thereby increasing operational efficiency and insight to clients, especially family offices, private equity firms, and hedge funds.
How does FundCount work?
FundCount offers integrated portfolio and partnership accounting, general ledger, consolidated reporting, and data aggregation services onto a single platform.