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Private wealth owners around the globe are busy retooling their operations to supercharge their services. At Simple, we often asked for our top software recommendations for family offices.

This report will help you find your perfect fit while giving insight into the key industry factors.

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Software Providers Review

There are many jobs to be done, and Simple is where to start. Through our insights & experts, we help navigate the complexities of the highly fragmented private wealth sector — firmly focussed on the next generation, we come without legacy systems and handicaps.

What does this report contain?

Family Office Software, Market Overview
A full overview of the market & landscape

Learn how the industry works, which segments there are and the key challenges.

Family Office Software, Family Office Insights
Industry insight from top companies

We have unique insights through input from the industry's leading providers.

Family Office Software, Family Office Insights
Our exclusive company finder

Detailed profiles on 35 companies in a comparable format.

What do we provide our members?

Realtime insights

Actionable insights from the get-go. Our pragmatic approach to research empowers you to make decisions with the backing of industry expertise and cutting edge knowledge.

Bridging the knowledge gap

The private wealth sector is highly fragmented. We use our industry know-how and networks to bridge the knowledge gap and build consensus amongst experts and leaders.

Access to our network of experts

Knowledge is nothing without connections. We provide direct access to the experts who author our reports to ensure our members receive the most value.

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