Advisor Engine

AdvisorEngine was the first company to integrate private-label robo-advice within a full enterprise B2B digital wealth management technology platform. Built from the beginning specifically for financial advisors.

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Products and services

AdvisorEngine enables advisors to serve traditional wealth management clients and fully digital clients entirely from a single platform. From online account opening and report automation to comprehensive API platforms—and everything in between—AdvisorEngine provides the tools advisors need to scale more efficiently and compete more effectively.

About the business

AdvisorEngine offers a digital wealth management platform intended to help investment advisors grow their businesses. The company's platform integrates online wealth management, customer relationship management and portfolio management in a seamless way that offers a comprehensive, integrated experience with flexibility across workflows, data and usability, enabling advisors to aggregate assets by deepening the client relationship through both traditional face-to-face advice and completely digital, low-touch interaction.


Founded in 2014 by a team of experienced, creative financial and technology executives, AdvisorEngine continues to innovate in order to keep advisors at the forefront of wealth management.

About the owners and the team

Rich Cancro is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AdvisorEngine. Rich brings over 25 years of experience building wealth management technology. The team is made up of enterprise technologists, data scientists, designers, futurists, business builders and former financial advisors. The company was acquired by Franklin Templeton through an LBO on May 5, 2020, for an undisclosed sum.

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