Canoe redefines alternative investment data processes for family offices and wealth managers by combining industry expertise with the most sophisticated data capture technologies. Canoe’s technology automates the highly-frustrating, time-consuming, and costly manual workflows related to alternative investment document and data management, extraction and delivery. With Canoe, clients can scale their private market exposure by refocusing capital and human resources on business performance and growth, increase efficiency, and gain deeper access to their data.

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What sets Canoe apart?

“While document and data management is vital, it does not drive scale, boost performance, or differentiate your firm. Automating these tasks does. With Canoe, you can free your team from alternatives document collection, data extraction, and data delivery, gain deeper access to data, and generate investment insights with more confidence.”
Oliver Wedlake

Products and services

Get an overview of what this software does.

Main Tasks

  • Automation
  • Document collection & management
  • Data extraction

Top features

  • Transparency
  • Alternatives/Private markets

Assets supported

  • Private equity & direct investments
  • Bankable or financial assets & funds


  • Yes

Type of software

  • SAAS
  • Fully standalone


Canoe is technology agnostic when it comes to integrations.

Mobile App

  • No

Type of data

  • Transaction and valuation private market data


Canoe uses the latest machine learning techniques to ensure accurate data is extracted from alternative investment documents. They also provide a layer of validation on the data extracted. Any exceptions are flagged for the end-user final approval.

Cost structure

  • Canoe offers an annual licensing fee driven by total volume of unique commitments and subscriptions (line items) with tiering thresholds at certain volumes. As the volume of line items increases, the effective unit costs decrease. The license fee is also impacted by the number of investor portal connections desired for Canoe Connect, where Canoe automates the retrieval of documents from GP websites, third-party and administrator portals, and email inboxes. In addition to the annual license fee, there is a one-time onboarding fee that covers hands-on implementation, training and platform configuration. For an optional annual service fee, Canoe can function as an extension of a clients’ back and middle office.

Key Company Info

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  • 155


  • 2017


  • Key staff have ownership
  • Owned by management
  • External investors


  • United States of America


  • New York City

Top markets

  • United States of America
  • United Kingdom
  • Switzerland
  • Luxembourg
  • Israel


  • Single-family offices
  • Multi-family offices

Serves also

  • Single family offices
  • Investment & financial advisors (RIAs/IFAs)
  • Fund managers
  • Banks


  • 100+ wealth managers and 200+ client firms

Truvvo Partners, Promus Capital, Hamilton Lane, Lexington Partners, Canterbury Consulting, Lake Street

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Support & Services

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Support options

Canoe provides global support coverage and assigns a dedicated account team to each client relationship. This dedicated account team includes a primary relationship manager, a team of client success associates, and an onboarding team to drive implementation. Clients have access to a separate support desk as well.

Canoe’s dedicated account team provides training throughout the course of the client engagement. During the onboarding process, users are provided expert training sessions to ensure comfort in using the platform. Thereafter, Canoe’s account team provides ongoing training sessions for new hires and related to new product releases. Canoe provides product collateral and release notes, as well as a learning center within our product for users to access in parallel with their account team.

Pricing of support

Free support


30-90 days


Data Extract to match any downstream system

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FAQs about Canoe

What is Canoe?
Canoe is an alternative investment management software provider.
What does Canoe do?
Canoe offers scalable solutions to complex alternative investment documents.
How does Canoe work?
Canoe automates data harvesting and restructuring of alternative investment portfolio documents using a blend of proprietary and open-source AI technologies and machine learning.