CFO Family Reporting

CFO Family is an independent back-office reporting service that leverages third-party technology to deliver the most comprehensive and interactive views of total net worth to wealth owners and their advisors.

We help you select the best reporting system for your family based on your goals and objectives. We serve single-family offices, multi-family offices, ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients, private banks, financial services institutions, and other institutional clients.

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Your family is our family. We believe in creating clarity so you can focus on your family's happiness.
Ethan Bonar


Every family is different, our deep heritage with complex multi-generational wealth allowed us to create technology that is customisable to any structure to manage family enterprises.

Main Tasks

  • Holistic View of Net Worth
  • 24/7 Monitoring & Alerting
  • Document Storage & Management
  • Portfolio Analytics and Reporting

Top features

  • Family Communication Portal
  • Accounting, Tax and General Ledger
  • AI-Powered Automation
  • Global Financial Aggregation
  • Estate and Trust Management
  • Military Grade Security

Assets supported

  •  Alternatives
  •  Art & Collectibles
  •  Commodities
  •  Cryptocurrency
  •  Gold & Precious Metals
  •  Hedge Funds
  •  Infrastructure
  •  Insurance
  •  Music Royalty
  •  Private Debt
  •  Private Equity
  •  Direct Private Equity
  •  Private Equity Funds
  •  Venture Capital
  •  Real Estate
  •  Commercial
  •  REITS
  •  Residential
  •  Warehousing & Industrial
  •  Bankable or Financial Assets & Funds
  •  Cash & Equivalents
  •  Digital Assets & Crypto Currency
  •  Equities
  •  Developed Markets
  •  Developing Markets
  •  Fixed Income
  •  Developed Markets Fixed Income
  •  Developing Markets Fixed Income
  •  Foreign Exchange
  •  Lifestyle Assets & Rare Collectibles
  •  Other
  •  Private Equity & Direct Investments
  •  Real Estate

White Label

  • No


  • No

Cost structure

  • Use based
  • Feature based

Key Company Information

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  • 0-10


  • 2021


  • United States of America


  • Owned by management


  • Individual wealth owners
  • Single-family offices
  • Multi-family offices

Secondary focus

  • Banks
  • Endowments
  • Foundations
  • Investment & Financial Advisors (RIAs/IFAs)
  • Multi-family offices
  • Pensions
  • Software and technology providers

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