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Abts & Partners is an independent family office providing comprehensive wealth management services with the primary objective of safeguarding, increasing, and transferring wealth. Abts & Partners coordinates with all parties involved in managing assets, promising undivided attention to client’s interests. The firm’s services, including wealth and estate planning, structuring, insurance, family governance, and administration, cater to tasks of all sizes. They have a vast network of international service providers and flexibility to collaborate with client’s existing counselors. The firm operates family offices in Luxembourg and Switzerland.


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About Abts & Partners

Founded in 2000 by Pieter Abts, Abts & Partners is a client-focused company dedicated to providing bespoke wealth management services. The firm upholds trust and client proximity while executing a risk-mitigating value-investment strategy. With offices in Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Monaco, Abts & Partners offers wealth and estate planning, structuring, insurance, family governance, and administration.

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    Pieter Abts

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    Pieter Abts

    Sophie Kieffer

    Philippe Gargill

What sets Abts & Partners apart

The company excels in bringing families together, aiding in organisation, and identifying opportunities . Through effective optimisation of clients’ legal and fiscal situations, Abts & Partners formulates the best strategies to grow, safeguard, and pass on wealth.

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