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Aglaia Family Office, a leading Asian multi-family office, offers bespoke services to ultra high net worth families, trusts, foundations, and global investors. Founded by industry veterans Stephen Hunt, Gavin Tan, and Heinrich Jessen, Aglaia operates like a series of single-family offices, offering the benefits of a large institution. The professional team specialises in structuring, portfolio evaluation, due diligence, research, trading, and risk management. Services include risk and investment management, administrative services, philanthropy, and family meetings.


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About Aglaia Family Office

Aglaia Family Office, based in Singapore, is a multi-family office established in 2006. It offers comprehensive, bespoke services to ultra-high net worth families, trusts, foundations, and investors globally. Functioning as a series of single-family offices, Aglaia combines personal attention with the scale and reach of an institution. The firm's assets are managed by an investment committee, underpinning its commitment to professional, strategic asset management.

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    Stephen Hunt

    Gavin Tan

    Heinric Jessen

What sets Aglaia Family Office apart

Aglaia sets itself apart as an independent multi-family office, embodying multiple roles such as CIO, CFO, risk officers, trustees, and directors for families. Its core values of simplicity and transparency, coupled with a thorough understanding of a family’s needs, foster strong, lasting relationships. Aglaia adopts an endowment approach for multi-generational wealth preservation and growth, unconstrained by asset classes or geography. They ensure guideline adherence, provide comprehensive asset evaluations, cash flow planning, investment implementation, and mandate compliance.

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