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In 2023, Tiedemann Group and Alvarium Investments successfully completed their merger and now operate under the new brand name of AlTi Tiedemann Global. The company specialises in sustainable and impact investing, seeking to achieve both financial returns and positive social and environmental outcomes. Their clientele consists of high-net-worth individuals, families, as well as foundations and endowments.


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About AlTi Tiedemann Global

AlTi Tiedemann Global is a global wealth and asset management firm dedicated to transforming powerful ideas into high-performing strategies and solutions. The company caters to a diverse range of clients, including individuals, institutions, foundations, and family-led businesses, providing a connected ecosystem of advice, solutions, and innovative investment opportunities from its extensive global network. With a strong commitment to excellence, AlTi Tiedemann Global offers customised solutions that align with its clients' specific objectives, ensuring the creation of enduring value.

  • Board of directors

    Mike Tiedemann

    Craig Smith

    Ali Bouzarif

    Peter Yu

    Kevin T. Kabat

    Tracey Brophy Warson

    Hazel McNeilage

    Timothy Keaney

    Judy Lee

    Nancy Curtin

    Spiros Maliagros

  • Executive Committee

    Mike Tiedemann

    Kevin Moran

    Spiros Maliagros

    Nancy Curtin

    Craig Smith

    Robert Weeber

    Jonnie Goodwin

    Christine Zhao

    Ali Trauttmansdorff

    Jed Emerson

    John Carbine

    Laurie Jelenek

    Claire Verdirame

    Jill Shipley

    Jennifer Ayer

    Whitney Fogle Lewis

    Andrew Douglass

    Brad Harrison

    Teresa Wells

    Brooke Connell

What sets AlTi Tiedemann Global apart

AlTi Tiedemann Global differentiates itself from its competitors by prioritising ESG investing and impact investing, emphasising the importance of achieving financial as well as non-financial objectives. The company’s leadership team comprises accomplished individuals from the finance and sustainability spheres.

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