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Multi-family office

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  • 40+

Belvédère, a seasoned multi-family office, provides discreet, professional assistance in managing and allocating family assets. Offering customised solutions, they ensure continuity in preserving your family’s wealth, catering to complex needs across generations. Their holistic, yet personalised approach sets them apart, serving as a competent, unbiased partner in all facets of wealth management. Their comprehensive service range is designed to meet your specific needs, securing satisfaction for both current and future generations.


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About Belvédère Asset Management

Belvédère Asset Management, based in Glarus, Switzerland, is a wealth management firm founded in 2001. The firm offers capital investment services, specialising in establishing structures like trusts, foundations, and companies, as well as managing art collections. The executive management team oversees the firm's assets, ensuring thorough and professional handling of all wealth management aspects.

  • Board

    Urs Gauch

    Martin Landolt

    Rolf Bögli

    David Garcia

    Martin Scholl

  • Executive Committee

    Giorgio Saraco

    Thomas Fischli

    Martina Kessler

    Thomas Heller

What sets Belvédère Asset Management apart

Belvédère Asset Management combines experience, professionalism, and discretion, offering personalised wealth management services that extend beyond the standard. It prides itself on providing comprehensive, customised solutions aimed at preserving family assets for present and future generations. The firm’s unique approach includes managing substantial art collections, establishing trusts, foundations and companies, and collaborating with external specialists, ensuring complete care for clients’ wealth. This holistic, personalised approach sets them apart in the industry.

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