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Carret Private Investments Limited, founded in 2016 in Hong Kong, is a leading wealth manager and multi-family office serving ultra-high-net-worth individuals, families, trusts, and charitable organisations. Building upon Carret’s 90+ years of experience, the firm offers tailored wealth management solutions, principal investing, and corporate advisory services. With a client-first approach, Carret Private ensures separate management of client portfolios and independent custodians, while focusing on valuable and necessary services to cater to clients’ needs.


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What sets Carret Private apart

What sets Carret apart is their client-first approach, tailoring investment portfolios to suit clients’ specific needs, risk tolerance, and structures. They ensure separate management of client portfolios and independent custodians. Additionally, Carret excels in principal investing, managing capital for partners, family offices, and entrepreneurs while offering proprietary, direct investments in private mid-market companies. Their corporate advisory services focus on addressing clients’ needs through a broad and deep range of financial advice and solutions, demonstrating their commitment to delivering value.

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