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IEQ Capital was founded in 2019. IEQ Capital is Registered Investment Advisor, with $17.7B RAUM, seeking to transform traditional wealth management. Their quest is to integrate the Intellectual and Emotional Quotient and to generate exceptional investment results driven by a values-oriented culture that fosters connection and collaboration with their clients. They are an independent, predominantly employee-owned company.


Designed for clients who have outgrown traditional wealth managers and desire the outcomes of a more dynamic, connected approach previously only found with individual family offices.

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    IEQ services individuals, high net worth individuals or families, as well as trusts, foundations, endowments, non-profit organizations and other business entities.

    IEQ targets working with Clients whose net worth is $10,000,000 or more.

  • Global asset analysis and optimisation

    Consolidated reporting and asset tracking

    Liquidity planning and cash flow analysis

    Integrated banking and lending solutions

    Investment tax strategy

    Tax and estate planning

    Charitable giving

    Network of third-party professionals


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About IEQ Capital

  • Investment Committee

    Aaron Price

    Alan Zafran

    Christian Nelson

    Frank McFarland

    Garret Giglia

    Ian Linford

    Jeff Westsmith

    Robert Skinner

    Sam Shephard

    Scott Gutterman

  • Advisory Board

    Brad Jones

    Dan Glenn

    Jane Dietze

    Pete Briger

  • Ownership

    The Firm’s majority owner is IEQ Holdings, LLC. IEQ is managed by Managing Members and Co-Presidents Eric Harrison, Robert J. Skinner II and Alan Zafran, along with Frank McFarland and Jeffrey Westsmith.

  • Decision making

    The investment committee comprising of Aaron Price, Alan Zafran, Christian Nelson, Frank McFarland, Garret Giglia, CFA, Ian Linford, Jeff Westsmith, CFA, Robert Skinner, Sam Shephard, Scott Gutterman takes investment decisions.

  • Evaluation

    Evaluating family’s needs from a holistic perspective, including the qualitative and quantitative factors.

  • Identification

    Identifying opportunities to optimise overall wealth plan, including ways to support the client through all aspects of navigating a legacy of wealth.

  • Design

    Custom set of services and any additional strategies that align with family values and vison.

  • Implementation

    Actioning custom plan into action, ensuring a cohesive and connected team that is working as an efficient unit.

  • Revision

    Reviewing clients’ plans and performance on a regular basis.

  • Process

    Depending on the investment objectives and risk tolerance of each client, IEQ begins its investment process by researching and charting broad, macro-economic trends utilizing external and internal resources. IEQ uses fundamental, technical and cyclical analysis in conducting its macro-economic research. This research allows IEQ to determine which investment themes and broad asset allocations it believes offer the most attractive risk adjusted return potential. IEQ also conducts qualitative and quantitative research and performs extensive due diligence to find and assess private alternative fund managers or alternative fund manager platforms.

    For all third-party managers and underlying fund managers in Access Funds and Direct Investments, IEQ performs initial and ongoing investment and operational due diligence. IEQ employs a multi-phase approach to researching and selecting managers suitable for clients.

    These managers are evaluated on an initial and ongoing basis. A due diligence memorandum outlining the review and recommendation is provided to the Investment Committee for review and acceptance.

  • Strategy

    IEQ’s approach involves creating solutions that can utilise a range of public markets and exclusive private investments. By expanding the options traditionally available to individual investors, the firm is able to better customise portfolios to meet each client’s unique needs. Additionally, IEQ has the ability to dynamically shift amongst a variety of options to capitalise on opportunities created when the market environment changes and to stay on the cutting edge of innovation. This flexibility helps the firm generate predictable cash flow, minimise downside market volatility, maximise the power of compounding returns, and more.

  • Management fees

    IEQ’s management fees will vary depending upon factors such as the type of client account, the size and complexity of assets being managed, and the investment strategies being employed by the firm. Generally, clients will be charged an annual management fee of up to 2%.

  • Performance-based fees

    IEQ does not charge any performance-based fees (fees based on a share of capital gains on, or capital appreciation of, the assets of a client’s account).

    Private alternative investment managers typically charge performance-based fees pursuant to the governing documents of each alternative investment fund. IEQ will not receive any portion of those fees.

  • Ancillary services

    For Ancillary Services, the client shall pay IEQ an annual services fee as outlined in each client’s separate Ancillary Services Agreement. Fees will be determined based upon the nature of the Ancillary Services agreed upon between IEQ and client and will generally be paid quarterly in advance and in accordance with the client’s IMA. Fees paid by the client to IEQ under the Ancillary Services Agreement are solely for the services provided by IEQ with respect to the Ancillary Assets under the Ancillary Services Agreement and will not cover fees and expenses of any third parties.

What sets IEQ Capital apart

The firm has a strong risk management framework in place that helps them to identify, assess and manage risks associated with their investment strategies. This focus on risk management allows IEQ to minimise downside market volatility and generate more predictable returns for their clients.

IEQ’s commitment to transparency and communication is another factor that sets them apart. The firm works closely with clients to ensure that they have a clear understanding of their investment strategies and are kept up-to-date on any changes or developments. This commitment to transparency helps to build trust and long-term relationships with clients.

  • Structure
    IEQ can work with CPAs, estate attorneys, and other professionals as needed to ensure the client has the correct  estate structure in place to take advantage of  tax savings and estate transfer strategies and to identify and mitigate potential risks.
  • Analytics
    IEQ can build custom reporting based on clients' needs to highlight exposure and performance in a manner that is insightful and easily digestible.

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