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LEON Family Office, an independent multi-family office operating in Russia and Cyprus, serves as a single point of contact for comprehensive wealth management. With a primary focus on investment advisory services, their mission is to preserve and grow families’ assets. They also strive to foster a modern and transparent family office services market. LEON Family Office boasts strong business relationships with over 10 major international banks, leading tax and legal consulting firms, fiduciary service providers, and property management entities.


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About LEON Family Office

LEON Family Office, headquartered in Moscow, Russia, is a leading Multi-Family Office established in 2013. Their core mission is to assist clients in preserving their family's wealth and facilitating a seamless transfer to future generations. With a dedication to fostering a modern and transparent family office services market, LEON Family Office is committed to providing comprehensive solutions that ensure the long-term preservation and successful transition of wealth.

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    Andrei Ivanov

    Andrey Narutskiy

    Roman Reshetyuk

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