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Multi-family office

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Meeschaert Family Office, founded in 2003 to serve the needs of the Meeschaert family, offers professional asset supervision and wealth enhancement services. Their expert team leverages their skills in assets, tax, finance, and real estate to structure and optimise client assets. With a commitment to transparency and without conflicts of interest, Meeschaert Family Office selects the best solutions aligned with client objectives.


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About Meeschaert Family Office

Meeschaert Family Office, headquartered in Paris, France, is a reputable multi-family office established in 2003. The firm specialises in organising and optimising wealth through their expertise in heritage, tax, financial, and estate planning. With a focus on providing a comprehensive service, Meeschaert Family Office assists clients in effectively managing and enhancing their wealth for long-term preservation and growth.

  • Board

    Cédric Meeschaert

    Gilles Etrillard

    Ilana Sayag

    Hubert Beurey

  • Executive Committee

    Charles Bienaimé

What sets Meeschaert Family Office apart

Meeschaert Family Office sets itself apart with several key factors. Firstly, it offers the sustainability and reliability of an 80-year-old transgenerational company, demonstrating long-term commitment. Secondly, clients benefit from the extensive experience of the Meeschaert family, bringing a wealth of knowledge to their services. Additionally, Meeschaert Family Office stands out for its structure on a human scale, ensuring personalised attention and access to a dedicated team with recognised technical expertise. These factors combine to provide clients with a unique and trusted wealth management experience.

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