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MFO Advisors is a multi-family office providing bespoke wealth solutions to high net worth families and institutions. With a focus on personalised services, they have been exclusively dedicated to offering independent wealth and financial advice since their establishment in 2013. Their team actively supports clients in making informed investment decisions and provides guidance on tax, accounting, and legal matters.


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About MFO Advisors

MFO Advisors, based in Santiago, Chile, is a multi-family office that has been providing tailored equity and financial solutions since 2012. With a commitment to independence, confidentiality, and transparency, MFO Advisors offers customised services to its clients. The firm's assets are managed and overseen by a dedicated executive management team, ensuring professional governance and effective management.

  • Board

    Rafael Ariztia Correa

    Katherine Boragk Doniez

    Juan Andrés Fontaine

  • Executive Committee

    Carlos Vial de Castro

    Rafael Ariztía Correa

    Katherine Boragk Doniez

    Matías Eyzaguirre Fernández

    Rafael Carvallo Pérez

    Mathias Radmann Volkenborn

What sets MFO Advisors apart

MFO Advisors sets itself apart through its commitment to independence, ensuring that its income solely derives from clients, avoiding conflicts of interest. The firm embraces an open architecture approach, collaborating with a diverse range of local and international managers to select the best investment options tailored to client requirements. Transparency is a priority, facilitated by proprietary systems that simplify and consolidate client investment portfolios. With a focus on process, MFO Advisors emphasises the importance of a disciplined and continuous approach to investment decision making, striving to deliver optimal results for their clients.

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