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MJ&Cie stands as France’s leading multi-family office, delivering unparalleled international support to entrepreneurs and ultra-high-net-worth individuals (UNHWIs) since 2001. With offices in Paris and Geneva, they have become the epitome of a multi-family office in France. Setting themselves apart, MJ&Cie is an esteemed member of AFFO and ENFO, actively contributing to the promotion of professionalism and impartiality within the family office sector. Clients can trust in their expertise and commitment to best practices in providing top-quality wealth management services.


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About MJ & Cie

MJ & Cie, a multi-family office headquartered in Paris, France, has been providing comprehensive services since 2001. Their offerings encompass investment reporting, coordination, and control, as well as families and wealth planning, and administrative support. The firm's assets are expertly managed by their executive management team.

  • Board

    François Mollat du Jourdin

    Corinne Louis

  • Advisory board

    Denise Kenyon Rouvinez

    Laurent Isenegger

    Alberto Haddad

    Pierre Guilhem

What sets MJ & Cie apart

What sets MJ&Cie apart is their rigorous and methodical process, which guides their approach to client engagement. Through in-depth meetings and confidential discussions, they immerse themselves in each client’s world, providing tailor-made support based on thorough analysis. Proposals for investment and family wealth plans are carefully crafted, with iterative development and ongoing evaluation to ensure balanced and sustainable growth.

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