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Our Family Office Inc., founded in 2017, is a leading Canadian wealth management firm backed by decades of industry experience. Executive Chairman, CIO, and co-founder Neil Nisker, along with Tim Cestnick, have built a strong team of 12 professionals serving approximately 40 ultra-high-net-worth families, with $3.5 billion in assets under advisement. Despite its recent establishment, the firm’s rich history and expertise set it apart in the family wealth advisory sector, offering tailored services to meet the unique needs of each client family.


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What sets Our Family Office apart

Our Family Office sets itself apart with a holistic approach to wealth, emphasising the importance of values, family relationships, and community alongside financial resources. They understand that true wealth encompasses spiritual, financial, human, family, social, and structural capital. By focusing on these interconnected aspects, the firm provides a unique perspective on wealth management, aiming to be a center of stability and influence for affluent families who appreciate a more comprehensive understanding of wealth, ensuring preservation and planning for future generations.

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