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Portfolio Control GmbH stands as one of the premier multi-family offices and capital market houses in the Alps. They cater to affluent individuals, entrepreneurs, medium-sized firms, foundations, and professional sports associations/clubs, providing assistance in managing and controlling both assets and liabilities. Recognising a client’s business as a crucial part of their asset base in line with a holistic advisory approach, Portfolio Control also offers comprehensive services for the enhancement of liability and financing structures, ensuring an all-encompassing wealth management solution.


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About Portfolio Control

Portfolio Control GmbH, a leading multi-family office and capital market house in the Alps, offers comprehensive advisory services. Their offerings include an analysis of asset structure in line with personal goals, continuous wealth advice, strategic discussions with financial service providers, transaction control, and management of capital assets, liabilities, and participation programmes. They provide advanced reporting, capital asset services, liability portfolio structuring, and optimisation.

  • Executive Committee

    Claus Lemkes

    Jorg Flechtner

What sets Portfolio Control apart

Portfolio Control GmbH differentiates itself through a holistic view of clients’ asset structures, encompassing fortune, company, and liability levels. Their approach optimises capital usage and financing structures for ideal alignment across areas, targeting the long-term preservation of total assets. Working closely with clients, they devise individualised optimisation strategies for total asset structuring. Their role as a neutral and independent institution bolsters their commitment to client advisory and stakeholder responsibilities, underscoring their uniqueness.

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