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Red Deer Capital is a business development arm of a multinational family office and a private equity firm. The firm aims to diversify the family office investments both geographically and outside of industries in which the family office is already successful. Red Deer Capital specialises in targeting traditional economy business, which includes manufacturing, distribution and service industry companies. They were founded in 2008 and are headquartered based in Manchester, Connecticut.

In addition to its investment strategy, Red Deer Capital may also provide support and guidance to portfolio companies in areas such as corporate governance, financial management, and operational efficiency. The firm’s collaborative and hands-on approach fosters strong partnerships with management teams, with the goal of achieving long-term success and value creation.


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What sets Red Deer Capital apart

Red Deer Capital’s investment approach is focused on acquiring niche companies and partnering with highly motivated management teams to drive growth and sustainability. Unlike traditional Private Equity firms, Red Deer Capital is self-funded, eliminating the need for frequent fundraising activities and short-term exit strategies. The firm aims to work with portfolio companies for the long haul, implementing strategic and operational changes to take them to the next level of growth and beyond.

Red Deer Capital’s unique approach sets it apart in the industry, allowing for a patient and strategic approach to investments. The firm’s investment philosophy is centred on working closely with portfolio companies, leveraging its experience in operational improvements, strategic planning, and value creation to unlock their full potential.

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