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Stonehage Fleming was formed in 2014, when Fleming Family & Partners, the family office run by relatives of banking pioneer Robert Fleming and James Bond creator Ian Fleming, merged with Stonehage, an international family office with its roots in South Africa.

The company advises on more than £45billon of assets and employs over 500 people across 11 offices in eight countries.

Stonehage Fleming’s headquarters are located in Jersey, while other offices are located in London, Switzerland, Israel, Luxembourg, South Africa, the US and Canada.


No two family clients have identical investment needs. At Stonehage Fleming, some clients request management of their entire portfolio, while others prefer to have greater input into the process and a high degree of interaction with their team. They also frequently collaborate with investors who have specific sector expertise. In all cases, clients can draw on a global investment perspective, knowing that Stonehage Fleming's teams in London, Zurich, South Africa and Jersey will address the nuances of local markets and cross-border tax requirements.

  • First Generation

    Stonehage Fleming works with clients who are first-generation family wealth-owners.

  • Multi-Generational

    Stonehage Fleming works with family members across multiple generations, where succession and governance are key investment issues.

  • Family Office

    The family office is at the heart of its service offering. It is designed to cover everything its clients would want from their own family office and much more. The family office can provide a wealth of knowledge, experience and operational capability, which can support all of the family’s requirements, from long-term planning to routine transactions and administration.

  • Investment Management

    Drawing on extensive resources and expertise, Stonehage Fleming invests on a discretionary or advisory basis across all asset classes. The company can adapt its investment approach to the wider circumstances of the family.

  • Succession and Governance

    Supporting client families in succession planning and family governance is a core service offering. It is an integral part of almost everything they do and is a crucial consideration in major decisions.

  • Wealth Planning

    What differentiates Stonehage Fleming is their strategic approach. The company devotes time and energy to understanding families’ objectives.

  • Philanthropy

    Stonehage Fleming advises families on their approach to philanthropy, usually as an integral part of the wider family strategy. They also provide technical advice, structures, investment services and full operational support where required.

  • Dealing & Treasury

    A comprehensive service to handle all the family’s banking and investment administration, including cash management, deal execution and custody. The system enables Stonehage Fleming to spread banking counterparty risks across a number of prime institutions.


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Lead Generation - Family Offices

About Stonehage Fleming

  • Board

    Chris Merry

    Giuseppe Ciucci

    Ari Tatos

    Adrian Gardner

    John Connolly

    Shelby du Pasquier

    Robert Kirkby

    Gian Rossi

    Duncan Johnson

    Charlie Edwards

  • Executive Committee

    Chris Merry

    Adrian Gardner

    Simon Boadle

    Ian Crosby

    Mark McMullen

    Bob Reid

    Graham Wainer

    Johan van Zyl

  • UK Advisory Board

    Lord (Robin) Renwick

    Natalie Campbell

    Anthony Wreford

  • Decision Making

    Independently owned by management, staff and a publicly quoted family investment trust with a patient capital philosophy, Stonehage Fleming’s goals are precisely aligned with those of the clients they serve.

  • Investment Strategy

    Stonehage Fleming invests in best-in-class businesses for their quality, strategic competitive edge and value.

    They believe that a portfolio of businesses each containing these elements will provide them with a favourable return over time:

    1. Bottom-up investor
    2. Think like a business owner buying another business
    3. Consider risk as much as return
    4. Invest in sustainable organic growth in quality businesses
    5. Buy global businesses, exposed to emerging markets
    6. Operate with high conviction
    7. No benchmark orientation, no active trading
    8. Overvalued business replaced with a more attractive overall proposition

  • Management

    Investments are diversified across several asset classes that may include equities, fixed income, real estate, private capital and alternative investments. Your portfolio is constructed by selecting funds managed by talented investors from across the industry, blending their skills to meet a variety of risk-return objectives.

  • Approach

    1. Establish your family office’s investment philosophy
    2. Comprehensive evaluation of future asset classes
    3. Added value through third-party manager selection
    4. Careful risk management using best in class risk management system
    5. Exceptional communication and reporting

  • Discretionary

    Stonehage Fleming will agree with you on your objectives and attitude to risk and return. They sign an agreement in which you appoint them to manage your portfolio on a discretionary basis.

  • Advisory

    Stonehage Fleming will agree with you about your objectives, attitude to risk and return, and the level of involvement you wish to have in the investment decision-making process. Advisory portfolios often reflect the composition of discretionary portfolios with similar objectives, but they require your approval prior to making investments. An advisory relationship will often move to a discretionary basis over time.

  • Gatekeeper

    Investment policy and strategy are entirely customised to your requirements. Stonehage Fleming acts as your Chief Investment Officer, providing counsel on governance, structure, strategy, and specific investment decisions, whether implemented through individual securities or third-party funds. All decisions are jointly agreed upon.

  • Dealing & Treasury Platform

    If you are using the Stonehage Fleming Dealing & Treasury platform or their core banks, data accumulation is automatic. You get up-to-date reporting on all your assets whether they are financial or non-financial. The reports include liabilities to add another dimension to your planning capability. The firm can work with you and your investment advisers to identify benchmarks or other performance criteria and implement monitoring across any asset class and for any asset or portfolio. Standard benchmarks or appropriate composites can be applied wherever required.

  • Security

    With over forty years of experience in serving wealthy families, Stonehage Fleming has refined their reporting systems into useful financial management tools. Additionally, the privacy and security of their client’s data are of utmost importance, and rigorous internal procedures are in place to ensure the proper and secure storage and distribution of all sensitive information.

  • Online and Mobile Reporting

    Stonehage Fleming offers an array of online and mobile reporting solutions specifically catering to the individual needs of their clients. Whether the focus is purely on investments or on the broader consolidation of wealth, they have the appropriate solution. The offering can also be enhanced by loading additional third-party managed investment mandates and non-bankable or personal assets. In addition, they offer highly customisable online wealth analytics to clients that require a more complex reporting solution. The user experience has been designed to be simple and intuitive making it easy for the clients to access their information wherever they are.

What sets Stonehage Fleming apart

Next generation

All families have one thing in common: the need to plan the practicalities of passing the baton from one generation to the next and laying the foundations for an enduring legacy. This, perhaps above all, is the common theme which helps define our approach.


We advise families on their approach to philanthropy, usually as an integral part of the wider family strategy. We also provide technical advice, structures, investment services and full operational support where required.

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