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Toledo Capital AG, established in 2010, is a Zurich-based, privately owned Multi Family Office and Wealth Management Boutique. The firm offers custom-made financial solutions to high net worth individuals and families worldwide, providing full transparency and avoiding conflicts of interest. As the financial landscape rapidly evolves, Toledo Capital AG’s multilingual team of seasoned professionals ensures clients’ future financial stability and facilitates multigenerational wealth transmission. The firm benefits from being a member of the Aquila Group, a network of independent Swiss asset managers, gaining professional support in compliance, anti-money laundering, audit, legal, and accounting matters. Aquila is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA).


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About Toledo Capital

Toledo Capital AG is a Zurich-based, privately owned Wealth Management Boutique and Multi Family Office dedicated to providing bespoke, transparent financial solutions to high net worth individuals globally. Leveraging its membership in the Aquila Group and a seasoned, multilingual team, it ensures financial stability, multigenerational wealth transmission, and comprehensive compliance support.

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    Uri Krausz

    Anish Wig

    Guy Schochet

  • Advisory board

    Raphaelle Mahieu

What sets Toledo Capital apart

Toledo Capital stands out as a boutique wealth management firm offering comprehensive, tailored financial services globally. The firm prioritises clients’ unique interests and profitability, without the constraints of internal bank policies. Key differentiators include enhanced portfolio management for increased profitability and diverse investments, cost control for advantageous banking fees and mistake prevention, a consolidated approach with a single contact point for a streamlined financial overview, vigilant monitoring to safeguard clients’ interests, and extended family office services to cater to needs beyond finance.

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