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Turim, a pioneering multi-family office since 2001, focuses on delivering exceptional services that encompass a client’s legacy, values, and opportunities across generations. Navigating global complexities, Turim addresses the needs of wealthy families and institutions to manage and preserve assets while perpetuating their values. Firm’s services include succession planning, investment education, accounting, and philanthropic planning. Boasting offices in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, and London, Turim is committed to delivering exceptional support to its clientele.


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About Turim Family Office & Investment Management

With a strong team of over 120 members and a sophisticated platform, Turim is led by Co-CEOs Eduardo Gomes de Almeida and Leonardo Martins, Turim's talented team of industry experts boasts diverse backgrounds in investment banking, private banking, asset management, capital markets, insurance, and pension funds. Their unique approach ensures long-term success for their clients.

  • Executive Committee

    Gustavo Marini (Founding Partner & Chairman of the Board), Eduardo Gomes de Almeida (Co-CEO), Leonardo Martins Moraes (Co-CEO), Ana Carolina Carvalho (Operations, Risk & Compliance), Bernardo Mascarenhas (Client Relations), Fernando Verboonen (Investment), Georgiana Rothier (Client Relations), Gustavo Lutfi (Wealth Planning), Marcos Mertens (Turim Advisory, Endowments and Private Foundations), Mariella Lage (Client Relations), Nelson Abrahão (Investment Strategist), Patrícia Xavier (Client Experience), Renata Mello (Reporting),Roberta Goulart (Sustainability), Rodrigo Louro (Turim UK)

What sets Turim Family Office & Investment Management apart

Turim sets itself apart as a one-stop shop for all family asset needs, guided by trust, confidentiality, and ethics. As a completely independent firm, Turim partners with the global professionals, offering clients optimal investment and cost structures. Their vision is to become a global family office industry leader, providing value-added services to select families across generations. Turim’s comprehensive offerings include asset allocation, succession planning, offshore investments, tax coordination, financial education, information consolidation, and philanthropic planning.

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