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Verdence/FAMILY, a division of Verdence Capital Advisors, focuses on complexity management, capital allocation, and legacy preservation for family office clients. Backed by the larger organisation, which advises on over $3 billion, Verdence/FAMILY provides customised, unbiased, and unconflicted fiduciary solutions. The division has expanded its offerings, adding dedicated professionals, enhancing services, developing Independent Access Partners for private investment access, and investing in advanced technology and infrastructure. Their approach addresses the primary challenges faced by wealthy families: managing complexity, creating tailored wealth solutions, and preserving legacies for future generations.


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What sets Verdence/FAMILY apart

Verdence Family combines the focused attention of a single-family office with the resources and cost efficiencies of a multi-family office. They offer custom solutions tailored to clients’ unique stories, values, and goals while addressing complexities such as investment, risk, privacy, and other implications. By understanding clients’ individual needs, they provide comprehensive counsel and create a custom family office infrastructure, supported by a personal board of directors consisting of skilled investment professionals.

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