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Verium is an independent multi-family office based in Zurich, tailoring its vast range of services to entrepreneurial families, with the aim of securing and increasing their wealth over the long term. This is achieved through their dynamic advisory approach, delivering innovative solutions as per evolving client needs. Services encompass direct investments in medium-sized companies and real estate development projects, comprehensive wealth management that focuses on sustainable returns through optimised asset allocation, and family office services addressing structural, legal, and tax concerns to ensure preservation of both tangible and intangible assets for generations.


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About Verium

Based in Zurich, Verium is an independent multi-family office committed to providing comprehensive, timely advice to its clients. They prioritise gaining a deep understanding of their clients' families, and their financial, legal and tax contexts. With this understanding, Verium can develop sustainable strategies to protect, increase, and transfer family wealth to future generations. Furthermore, they provide support in creating optimal legal structures for their clients' assets, ensuring a seamless transition and growth of wealth across generations.

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What sets Verium apart

Verium stands out for its tailored approach, adapting to the dynamic needs of its clients. This includes considering legal and tax aspects, cross-border regulations, liquidity needs, and long-term wealth growth strategies. Offering a choice of services, from alternative investment instruments to direct equity in privately owned businesses, Verium allows its clients to select the services best suited to their unique circumstances. This flexibility and personalised guidance form the cornerstone of Verium’s distinctive approach to wealth management.

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