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Waterfield Advisors is a leading multi-family office in India, registered with SEBI as investment advisors. The firm works with family-owned businesses, trusts, endowments, and single-family offices in various investment and non-investment-related areas. Today, the firm has four offices across the country in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Bangalore, and serves a group of 150 prominent families in India, managing over $4.3 billion in financial assets (excluding promoter holdings) for these families. Waterfield’s role is to provide holistic advice to its clients without any conflict of interest in all their dealings.


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Lead Generation - Family Offices

About Waterfield Advisors

The firm's team of experienced professionals brings deep expertise in investment management, tax planning, legal and regulatory matters, and family governance, among other areas, to cater to the unique needs and goals of each client.

  • Board of directors

    S. R. Iyer

    Soumya Rajan

    Sanjay Teli

    Amit Patni

    Arihant Patni

What sets Waterfield Advisors apart

Waterfield, a pioneering boutique financial services firm in India, was one of the first to introduce and pioneer the concept of investment advisory in wealth management. Built on the fundamentals of trust, integrity, and transparency, Waterfield has established itself as a leader in the industry.

Drawing from extensive experience in private banking, Waterfield Advisors was established by Soumya Rajan as India’s first dedicated financial advisory company, offering holistic services to the UHNI community without conflicts of interest, and challenging established norms in wealth management.

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