Zita Nikoletta

I love how bespoke legacy landscaping and curations anchor, engage, align, educate, and inspire business and legacy families globally, and how transformative legacy programmes help high-flying entrepreneurs and multigenerational families with next gen engagement and successful successions, hence maximising their family and business longevity for generations to come.
zita nikoletta

Zita is the polyglot Founder, Legacy Aesthete, and Strategic Advisor at The Legacy Atelier™. She is a Cultural Scientist and a Top Recommended Family Business Advisor in 2021 & 2022 by Spear’s 500 in the UK. She lives and breathes legacies, narratives, and family governance, and built a bespoke multidisciplinary framework and methodology to help understand, interpret, shape, structure, re-energise, cherish, and maximise complex individual and family legacy journeys, curate these, and support passing on purposeful legacies to the next generation of legacy guardians via innovative and transformative legacy-based programmes.

She is the 1st PhD Candidate in Family Legacies with innovative interdisciplinary research dedicated to bringing in Hermeneutics, Comparative Aesthetics, further fields of Philosophy, and Cultural Anthropology to enrich Family Business Studies due to the critical synergetic resonance points. Zita started her PhD with 3 years of immersion in Interculturalism and holds an MA in Philology (Diploma in Comparative Aesthetics in Italian), and a Programme in Cultural Management. She is a Fellow at the Royal Society of the Arts.

Zita holds a wealth of expertise and profound insights into the most critical dynamics and matters facing enterprising families and other substantial wealth-owners, having worked with them for the last 10+ years, and gained further insights by having sat down with many hundreds of families, and high-flying entrepreneurs, around the world to listen to and discuss their fascinating stories.

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