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HQ Trust is a leading multi-family office that has been setting the standard for over two decades. Based in Germany, the firm manages the assets of individuals, families, and foundations, and provides advice to institutional investors, with a particular focus on pension funds. HQ Trust offers a bespoke service that is individual, exclusive, and independent of banks. The firm works closely with clients to develop a clear strategy, forward-looking planning, and professional asset management. With a core team that has been working together for over 20 years, HQ Trust has established a reputation for providing objective, product-independent advice and a high level of transparency.


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About HQ Trust

Headquartered in Bad Homburg, Germany and founded in 2008, HQ Trust's core team provides transparent decision-making processes. HQ As a professional total asset management provider, the firm maintains a neutral and objective stance in their product-independent services.

  • Executive Committee

    Jochen Butz (Managing Director | Head of Alternative Investments), Reiner Dietz (Managing Director | Head of Liquid Investments), Christian Stadtmüller (Managing Director | CFO/COO)

What sets HQ Trust apart

HQ Trust has distinguished itself through its individual range of services, personal competence, many years of experience, exclusive market access, and ongoing innovation. Each client is fully supported by at least two advisors who provide personalised guidance across all business areas and asset classes. HQ Trust’s investment approach, which includes alternative investments, has been refined since the 1980s.

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