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Kronos Advisory is a Vienna and Linz based multi-family office with a century of experience. The firm provides impartial assistance for investors in selecting and monitoring asset managers and investment products. Their services span wealth structuring, manager selection, asset controlling, risk management, investment governance, family counselling, financing structuring, real estate expertise, interim management, and access to expert networks. They are dedicated to protecting, maintaining, and optimising their clients’ wealth sustainably.


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About KRONOS Advisory

Kronos Advisory, based in Vienna and Linz, is a multi-family office with 100 years of experience, providing impartial guidance in asset manager selection and investment monitoring. With a focus on protecting, maintaining, and optimising wealth, Kronos is dedicated to sustainable wealth management for its local and international clientele.

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    Sven E. Rischko

    Georg Höhne

    Roland Wöginger

What sets KRONOS Advisory apart

Kronos Advisory sets itself apart through a comprehensive approach that includes strategy development, structured service provider selection, and cost-effectiveness. Leveraging their asset management background, they negotiate superior terms and significantly reduce hidden costs. This makes their service cost-neutral or even cost-saving compared to banks. Clients receive personalised attention for their assets without incurring additional fees, offering a unique blend of value and personalisation.

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