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United States of America

Multi-family office

  • Employees
  • 300+

Pathstone is a US-based multi-family office that operates independently and is owned by its partners. The firm provides comprehensive services for managing family wealth and offers personalised investment advice. Pathstone’s primary goal is to assist clients in building, maintaining, and protecting their wealth for future generations. By combining innovative programs with traditional family office services, Pathstone delivers solutions that are designed to withstand the test of time.


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About Pathstone

Pathstone has a team of over 300 professionals with offices in 17 cities. With a culture of innovation and a dedication to excellence, Pathstone is dedicated to helping clients create, manage, and preserve their wealth across generations.

  • Board of directors

    Matthew Fleissig

    Steve Braverman

    Ron D. Cordes

  • Executive Committee

    Matthew Fleissig

    Lauren Fryefield

    Steve Braverman

    Claudio Diaz

    Arthur Duffy

    Paul Gloth

    Alex Hart

    David Kahn

    Allison Kaplan

    Erika Karp

What sets Pathstone apart

Pathstone stands out in the financial advisory industry due to its client-focused approach, innovative culture, and unique definition of intelligence. As an independently operated partner-owned firm, Pathstone is able to provide impartial advice to families, family offices, and foundations & endowments. Pathstone’s commitment to innovation is apparent in the way it constantly seeks to improve its tools, services, platform, and methods to better serve its clients.

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