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Portfolio Capital Multi-Family Office, located in Santiago, Chile, is dedicated to transforming the landscape of financial advisory services for families and family offices. Their mission is to guide clients in achieving their long-term objectives by navigating the inherent complexities of wealth management. Striving to deliver a highly personalised and bespoke advisory experience, they focus on understanding and addressing the unique needs and dynamics of each client. They are committed to raising the bar in financial advice, providing tailored solutions for each client’s distinct circumstances.


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About Portfolio Capital

Portfolio Capital, established in 2001, is a prominent multi-family office based in Santiago, Chile. Operating as an investment management advisory firm, it offers comprehensive and independent advice dedicated to the asset management needs of its clientele, consisting of families and high net worth entities. Its core function is to provide holistic, personalised advice to facilitate efficient and effective wealth management for its distinguished clients.

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    Ignacio Santa María

    Manuel Harrera

What sets Portfolio Capital apart

Portfolio Capital Multi-Family Office distinguishes itself through a principled approach anchored in independence, dedication, professionalism, and integrity. They independently generate research for unbiased investment decisions, instead of distributing third-party products. Each client relationship is directly managed by a partner, ensuring full dedication. Their commitment to professionally designed processes underpins every decision, whilst integrity is demonstrated by aligning incentives with clients’ long-term objectives. The firm’s success lies in achieving these objectives, reflecting their client-centric focus.

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