Jen van der Meer
My mission is to help entrepreneurs and investors co-create impact investing opportunities that are values-aligned.
jen van der meer

Jen van der Meer is a business model designer, professor, and former tech equity analyst on Wall Street. She shifted to the arena of tech serving in key executive roles at e-commerce builder Organic, Inc, and Frog Design in the heyday of the first internet wave. After co-founding numerous companies and nonprofits – Drllteam (acquired by Sprinkr), The Designers Accord, and One Drop – Jen founded Reason Street where she designs better business models for the future.
Jen is also a Professor of Parsons Strategic Design and Management at Parsons where she researches alternative forms of capital and co-directs The New School’s Impact Entrepreneurship Initiative, focused on creating inclusive pathways for emerging leaders who build community-centred ventures. Jen has a BA in comparative religion from Trinity College and an MBA from HEC.

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