Table of Contents


2.The Venture Capital Landscape

3.Family Offices and Venture Capital

4.Paths to VC Exposure

5.Managing Liquidity and Valuation

6.Venture Capital and Private Equity

7.Market Insights: Promising Sectors in Turbulent Times



Family Office Venture Capital Review 2023

family office venture capital review

Family offices play a significant role in the world of venture investing, being uniquely equipped to provide funding, as well as guidance and support to their VC partners and often investing in sectors where they have expertise, interest, or a desire to drive innovation. This review takes a closer look at the venture capital landscape through a family office lens, examining the unique value that family offices bring to the table, the role that venture investments play in a family office portfolio, and the strategies that family offices use to achieve their desired level of exposure to the asset class.

Venture Capital
Updated on April 19, 2023
By David Struthers

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