Family Office Private Banking Review
Participate in our review of private banks with family office coverage units – and reach new audiences. We are open to new banks, reviewed on an ongoing basis.

Finding the private bank that is the best fit for your wealth is a pain.

»We don’t know what questions to ask when evaluating a new bank.«
»Impossible to compare – we don’t even know where to start.«
»Why is this data not readily available.«

These are just a few of the recurring verdicts we have encountered in hundreds of conversations with Family Offices, private investors and advisors. Having read some of our previous reviews they reached to us for advice on which banks they should consider for managing their clients’ wealth and how to compare various banks. Even though all participants differed in their specific needs, they had one thing in common: Finding and comparing private banks in the Google age should not be this difficult.

With the annual Simple Family Office Private Banking Review we tackle this issue and make the search for banks simple. Our goal is to provide the industry’s most comprehensive and most actionable report on family office centric banks. If you are a well-known private bank with a family office coverage offering, chances are we have already reached out to you. If we have not been in touch with you yet, but you want to participate in the report, fill in the form below.

We release our updated annual review in February. This is when many of our members reassess their service providers.

You will be part of a report that will help our readers to find the private bank or family office coverage unit that is best suited to their needs while we also highlight various future opportunities and challenges.

Additionally, we write and publish several annual roundups for other publications using this data. Some still rank number one Google search result for the keywords “family office banks”. Exposure in various articles brings participants remarkable traffic and new clients.

Reach your audience

By participating in the review you gain a unique chance to get exposure to our growing number of private wealth focused readers consisting of:

1. Positioning & Branding

Wealth owners and family offices use our data sets to establish and improve their operations. We position all participants toward this segment and also include them in various supporting media activities.

2. Exposure & Leads

Gain exposure to new clients in this segment and be part of the consideration set. Either directly on the Simple Platform or through our datasets used by various consultancies.

3. Market Intel

Annually we report back to all participants on what we have tracked throughout the year. What are clients searching for, and what are the major shifts happening.


Family wealth is a matter of trust. Therefore we take great measures to only include banks in our reviews that deliver a clear, proven value to our members.
If you’re interested to participate, please connect with us using the form below. We do a pre-assessment on the suitability of all banks to ensure they meet our criteria. After this we schedule a call to discuss details on participation and outline next steps which include an RFI survey and interview. Once we have all the required data we include this in our master data set. We have various promotional activities and media opportunities happening year round that is open for participants to join in on.

Note that there is a standard participation fee for all providers to cover our assessment.

Would you like to join?

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