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6 Tips for family offices to start with impact investing


Impact investing has caught the attention of families, family offices, and private investors alike in recent years. In spite of this impact-led zeitgeist, there exists uncertainty on how to approach this field. How do you begin? Here are a few points to consider.

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Is impact investing a risky business?

As a growing number of asset owners question whether they can manage their assets for more than financial returns, impact investing receives mounting attention. In spite of this, many still believe that impact investments constitute higher risks. We explore how by reframing their relationship to risk, family offices can take bigger bets and win in the long run.

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A Simple guide to Family Offices

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Family Office Software Review 2020

Private wealth owners around the globe are busy retooling their operations to supercharge their services. At Simple, we often asked for our top family office software recommendations. We believe that choosing software for family office should not be a matter of opinion – but a matter of fit.

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Family Office Trends 2020

Family offices, like most organizations, are facing some interesting times. How can Family Offices be resilient and ever more relevant in this changing landscape? Here are our top ten trends which we believe will define the next decade of family offices.

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Family Office Trends 2021

2020 has been a year of monumental change, as everything from daily routines and long term ambitions have been disrupted beyond recognition. As people around the globe strive to press on in an uncertain future, we explore the top 10 trends that family offices and privately-owned businesses should be aware of as they move into 2021 and beyond.

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Multi-Family Office Review 2020

For some, the term ‘family office’ may conjure up images of an industry stuck in yesteryear. However, as a new influx of wealth owners make their way into the private wealth space, things are changing — specifically in the multi-family office segment. Here’s our review of the multi-family offices in 2020.

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