Matina Agio
Inspiring a deeper perspective on inheritance - beyond the legal and financial, allowing it to become an empowering experience of values, culture, healing and meaningful wealth.
matina agio

Matina is dedicated to showing how inheritance is a fluid, dynamic and creative force in our lives. Through her signature method – the Inheritance Muse Method™ – a therapy-based approach, she provides niche-counselling on the emotional complexities of inheritance and ownership.

The aim of the work is to bring clarity in decision-making, lead to meaningful optimisation of ownership and a values-based approach to wealth – as well as inspire a deeper perspective on the family legacy.

For over a decade, Matina served as director of Athenian Muse Holdings – a boutique consultancy for culture-based enterprises and house museums. Parallelly, she managed her family’s historical home and collection, initiating projects related to its cultural legacy. She has been involved in heritage crowdfunding projects, such as the Château de la Mothe-Chandeniers in the Loire and other preservation initiatives, where she is active or part owner. Matina’s experience of living and working in England, France, Germany, Italy, US, Canada, and Greece, allows her to address the needs and varying backgrounds of her clients.

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