2022 Cryptocurrency Review

family office cryptocurrency

Family offices have distinct needs and considerations when evaluating gaining exposure to cryptocurrency. This review examines the technology underlying cryptocurrency, the ecosystem of service providers with special attention to crypto custodians, and common strategies within this growing and dynamic space.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Cryptocurrency

0. Family Offices and Cryptocurrency

3. Crypto Pathways: Understanding the Asset

0. Wallets and Exchanges

0. Public and Private Keys

0. Custodians: institutional-grade custody solutions

0. Regulation

0. Insurance

0. Cryptocurrency Financial Services

0. Centralised Finance

0. Staking

0. Yield Farming

0. Prime Brokerages

0. Fund Managers and ETFs

4. Conclusion


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Published on Simple March 28, 2022
By David Struthers , Daniel Hilhorst , Francois Botha

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