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With demands for increased transparency, the need for clear communication and a well-managed reputation is crucial. See how branding could radically change how you understand and communicate your value.

Historically, the family office has been neither seen nor heard. They are an undeniably important and active player in the investment landscape. Yet they continue to quietly operate in the background without ruffling any feathers or making a scene. But in an age of digitalization, this will no longer be the case.

Radical transparency is the new norm. From Wikileaks to the Panama Papers, higher demands are being placed on businesses and investors to be mindful of their choices. What if your portfolio were to be made public in the next leak? Would you be proud of the companies you’ve invested in? Reputation management in the 21st century is less reactive compliance and more proactive commitment. Gone are the days of crisis communications, where calling the best spin doctor one can find in the phonebook to manage negative press was considered the only verifiable strategy. Brands and reputations nowadays need to be built and nurtured over time with sincerity and authenticity.

Communication and reputation building are long term investments, which if managed will provide continual and abundant returns. Branding if designed and deployed effectively can attract partners, clients, talent, and investment opportunities, making inbound enquiries surpass your outbound marketing. We guide family offices through the process of creating an integrated communication strategy and managing it with a clear vision in mind, whilst still allowing it to evolve with the tools and technologies available today. We create space for you to reflect on what you want to communicate, such as ‘who are we, and what do we represent?’.

Our communication & reputation team

Nicole Mitton

Nicole Mitton


An avid content creator and editor within Simple, Nicole is passionate about creating strategic, interesting, relevant content that not only engages the audience but also builds trust and relationships.

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David Grammig

David Grammig


Parallel to being Partner for International Relations at a Kuwaiti Single-family office

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Communication Strategies

53% of consumers state that trust is fundamental in purchase-making decisions, second only to price.

Brand Trust in 2020 Special Report, Edelman Trust Barometer

Managing brands in the 21st century is more about existentialism than the hard sell. Yet there are undeniable benefits to the bottom line when best-practice is followed.

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