Our Process

After years of working alongside different families, we crafted a set of bespoke tools. These help family businesses innovate and navigate the various strategic, innovation & communication challenges they're faced with.
In order to solve a problem, one must first locate, define, and if possible, quantify the problem. This isn't always as straight-forward as it sounds. Family-owned businesses can be complex and the logistics confusing.

More about our canvas.

There is almost always more than one way to solve any problem. The trick is to explore various options with open minds rather than hackneyed approaches or the old standards. At Simple we believe in a thorough exploration of the strengths, and (yes) weaknesses of a business with an eye towards turning everything into a strength.

Without innovation today there will be no business tomorrow. It's as simple as that. A weather eye on surfacing trends, changing social attitudes, technological advances, modern design, and changing family dynamics makes Simple a leader in, well, leading family-owned business into innovative, forward-looking moves.

Both external and internal communication help position and manage family brands. We do this by crafting messages to be delivered using brand platforms, internal communication apps and mainstream media.

Did the changes actually make a difference? Are they reproducible? At Simple we help companies track real-world effects of changes on different platforms and indicators, so results are there in black and white...


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