Our Process

After years of working alongside different families, we crafted a set of bespoke tools. These
 help family businesses innovate and
 navigate the various strategic, innovation
 & communication challenges they're faced with.
The Family Model Canvas can be used to map out current and future business as well as develop a solid portfolio.
Creative research helps us explore what's happening around us and possibilities for innovation. This includes research reports or ongoing focus on specific areas.
Our 3D Innovation Tool enables us to innovate within the business using its unique assets. Stemming from our experience around digitalisation, we can build future scenarios and help incubate new concepts.
The Trend Tracking Platform helps to keep all stakeholders in the know while focussing on what can be changed or improved on.
Both external and internal communication help position and manage family brands. We do this by crafting messages to be delivered using brand platforms, internal communication apps and mainstream media.

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