Helene Gerholm
I'm particularly interested in how psychologic processes and culture affects an organisation and what drives strategic decision-making.
Helene Gerholm

With a BSc in business administration and organisational psychology as well as an MSc in finance and strategy from Copenhagen Business School, Helene focuses on the intersection of analysis, strategy, business development and innovation with a focus on impact.

Previously, she was responsible for conducting Danske Bank’s yearly publication, The State of Nordic Impact Startup Report 2020, where she was part of the team that transformed the format to a marketable one by myth-busting ten myths of the Nordic Impact ecosystem. Prior to that, she comported an innovation ecosystem analysis to provide strategic recommendations on how to strengthen the Danish fintech ecosystem, which led Finansforbundet to establish Copenhagen Fintech Lab and the report has become the cornerstone in their strategy. Following this, the FSA implemented the recommendations of lowering the capital requirements for fintech startups and established a Fintech sandbox. The implementation of the recommendations have accelerated the Danish FinTech ecosystem significantly and today more than 600 fintech entrepreneurs have resided in Copenhagen FinTech Lab.

A Copenhagen’er by heart, who now resides in Roskilde, Helene has a keen interest in bio-hacking and health optimisation; how to eat, exercise, sleep, listen to the body, and much more, to be the best version of oneself.

Quickfire question:

What is your favourite TV series?

One of the series that has made the biggest impression on me is The Handmaids Tale and how a society can slowly be transformed into a terrible regime in the search of a ‘better’ society with higher birth rates and lower CO2 emissions. The means does not sanctify the goal – an ever-relevant societal ethical challenge.

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