Family Office Software Review 2021


For family offices of all shapes and sizes, configurations, needs, and regions -- there's a software stack for you and we're determined to help you find the right one. This year we unpack use cases, data, and how to handle emerging asset classes.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

2. Use Cases

0. Startup Family Office

0. Legacy Organizations

0. Best in Class

0. Single to Multifamily Office

0. From Banker to Multifamily Office

0. Commercial Multifamily Office

3. Software Categories

0. Administrative Software for Family Members

0. Wealth Management Platforms for SFOs

0. Administrative Service Software for SFOs

0. Wealth Management Platforms for MFOs and Advisors

0. Administrative Software for MFO

0. Niche Products

4. Investing Trends and Changes

5. Data and Localization

0. Data Independence

0. Data Regulation

6. Provider Insights: Family Office Technology Industry Trends and Changes

7. Top Family Office Software Providers

8. Methodological note


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Technology Stacks
Published on Simple November 10, 2021
By David Struthers , Daniel Hilhorst , Francois Botha

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