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Alon is based between Cape Town and New York and is Simple’s lead generation and outreach partner. His services help family offices reach more partners, people and investments opportunities for their deal flow. In-line with the advances in outreach to the ever-expansive global village, scaling organisations need to invest in top-of-the-funnel outreach. Family held companies and family offices are no different, where business investments always need to maintain the requisite dialogue, visibility and relevance to the right audience in a manner that gets results and goes well beyond the ask from GDPR.

After losing interest in the world of finance, Alon founded an engine for outreach automation.

Through automation/AI, Alon and his team are able to exponentially touch more unknown or cold prospects — be it potential team members, or investment opportunities and investment deal flow.

By continually processing volumes of low value (faceless) targets; families can focus on those that are good matches, showing real interest and can in turn lead to deals.

Region: Global

Based in: New York City

Focus: Lead Generation


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I believe that powerful sales growth is achieved by combining the power of digital, intelligent automation and good humans 


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